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We can all experience having some really long days. Days where we need too many things and therefore not have the opportunity to turn on the computer until very late at night. Maybe even so late that we are too tired when we are finally home. See for a write-up

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. It can be really smart and fortunate if you suddenly discover during your long day some unforeseen expenses that don’t quite fit into your budget. In these cases, it may be necessary to take out a loan. Through your smartphone, it is now super easy and fast to take a loan with us.

What is a Mobile Loan?

What is a Mobile Loan?

It has not always been possible to take a loan with us through a smartphone or tablet. The reason for this has been that it was only possible in 2014 to use NemID on his smartphone and tablet. Before 2014, it only worked on computer.

It is very important to us that you use NemID when you take out a loan. It is in this way that we can ensure your security and identity security. Your security is very important to us as we want you to feel safe when you take out a loan with us.

As such, a mobile loan is not a specific type of loan. Instead, it can be said that the name is a description of the way the loan is taken out. A mobile loan consists of a wide variety of different micro loans. A micro loan is a form of loan that has a maturity of 1-30 days. In addition, you can borrow a maximum of USD 12,000. However, we give all our first-time borrowers the opportunity to borrow up to USD 6,000 with a 50% discount for up to 30 days.

Is there a difference between mobile loans and loans through laptop?

Is there a difference between mobile loans and loans through laptop?

As such, there are no major differences between a mobile loan and a micro loan that you take through your laptop. However, we know that many have a really busy everyday life. Therefore, it may be nice to take advantage of the time you have, for example, as you get on the bus or train to the next item on the agenda. When you submit your loan application to us, you will receive a response within two minutes.

That way, you can stand on the bus, take out a loan and get your loan application answered before you get off, maybe even at the next station. In addition, the money will be in your account immediately. Therefore, with your smartphone you can easily and quickly take out a loan with us as it does not require you to turn on your computer.

If you always have your smartphone (and your NemID) at hand, it is always possible to take out a loan, regardless of the time of day and where you are. You have the money in your account right away.

Credit amount 6000, – Maturity 12 months Total credit costs. 7908, – Mdl. maximum payment 1716, – Total repayment 13908, – ÅOP 816.67% Debt rate / annual fixed: 243.3%. 14 days cancellation right on the credit agreement. Age 20+.

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