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Do not let yourself be hindered in the realization of your dreams and inform yourself about the appropriate loan for your individual needs. New loan a new mortgage must be entered in the land register. The own property or the own real estate offer an excellent security for credit institutes.

Landlord of the owner – credit encyclopedia

Landlord of the owner - credit encyclopedia

The own property or the own property represent an outstanding security for GLV. The high level of collateral is accompanied by a low risk potential for the bank, which has a favorable interest rate. For the approval of a loan represents the home of the own, so formally as a backup. For the written registration of the security it is necessary to register the credit business as a home mortgage.

This takes place at the cadastral office, which has entered a basic fee. If land is unloaded so far and the lender is the first one who is registered, then she enjoys the first. Once the property is paid off, it will be canceled. However, the registered land charge continues to apply. However, it does not necessarily have to be a financial institution at whose expense a mortgage is registered.

Owner’s land charge to his property


Even a homeowner can do that by adding an owner’s land charge to his property. Landlord’s landlord is therefore under the German real estate law a land charge, which is in the cadastre on the owner presents. Because a mortgage lien has no leverage – ie, a mortgage is not a repayable loan – any homeowner or landlord can register a landlord’s mortgage. There are no monthly fees, as would be the case with a land charge.

Especially for the following reason, it makes sense in a discharged land: One offers the house and squire the opportunity to take a pole position by securing from the for a (landlord’s landlord). “A high rank has, as just described, This allows the owners to provide a lending institution with its first-rate basic fee, which results in a loan with more favorable conditions than the subordinate entries.

The owners can thus at any time place a security for a loan by transferring the land charge bill to the law firm. The beneficiary no longer needs to be additionally registered in the cadastre, so that there are no additional fees due to a rewrite. It is not absolutely necessary to name a landlord’s landlord, as this can also be done by law.

We have already stated that a property is always associated with the registration of a land charge. If, however, the secured claim is completely or partially repaid in the case of a mortgage, eg by repayment of the loan (1164, 1177 BGB), the free parts of the mortgages are automatically converted into a landlord’s land charge available.

However, this Regulation will only apply if there are no other (equal or subordinated) mortgages of third parties, with the exception of the currently established landlord’s mortgage under land. If this is still the case, the owners of the subordinate mortgages may demand a legal cancellation of the owner’s land charge. If such a deletion obligation exists, the owner must delete his owner’s land charge.

The purpose of this regulation is to enable equal and subordinated mortgages, the upswing. This right of revocation can be excluded according to contract, however, requires the land registration. Any responsibility for the content of for is not transferred to accepted.

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