Credit without spouse – is self-evident

A loan without a spouse may sound like a matter of course at first glance. But for many married couples, he is not.

Because the banks and savings banks like to push the prospective loaners once in such a loan option. The hedge because – as always stressed.

Why with spouse?

Why with spouse?

Married couples usually have to accept the question of whether they do not want to take their loan together with the spouse. The banks always emphasize that it is all about securing the loan. Because of this measure, both partners are liable for the loan, which improves the credit rating and lowers the cost of the loan.

Ultimately, all that matters is to provide the bank with a hedge. Because this benefits from the joint borrowing. Especially when it comes to financial difficulties. In such a case, it can simply be seized without having to pay attention to which money and which valuables belong to which spouse.

Even with a good credit rating of the prospect, the spouse is asked. Whether this should be involved in the borrowing ultimately decides the borrower. However, he must then be able to live with it if the bank refuses the loan, because this should be taken as a loan without a spouse.

Where is the loan without a spouse?

Where is the loan without a spouse?

The choice therefore always lies with the borrower. He can freely decide with which bank he wants to work together on which terms. If the bank also decides to work together, the details can be negotiated.

One obtains a loan without a spouse, among other things, if one decides on a consumer loan from a dealer or a mail order company. These are earmarked loans that do not require any special cover.

Also, the Dispo can be viewed as a loan without a spouse. Namely, when the spouses have separate accounts. The same applies to small loans, which bring a small loan amount and a short term. They also do not require any separate coverage and are therefore also given as a loan without a spouse.

Larger loan sums, on the other hand, will be hard to pick up without the spouse. This could only appear if he is not creditworthy or if otherwise very good hedges are offered. Such as, for example, capital-forming insurance or high-quality valuables.

When is a loan without a spouse possible?

When is a loan without a spouse possible?

But not only the bank must be willing to give the loan without a spouse. Even the loan seeker himself must be able to take out the loan. For this it is important that he can fulfill various requirements.

These requirements include first and foremost a very good credit rating. The credit bureau must not have stored any negative entries and the income must come from a fixed source. In addition, it must be high enough to cover all current expenses and the cost of the loan.

Furthermore, it may be advisable to offer the bank the conclusion of a residual debt insurance. Although this costs money and brings no profit after the expiration of the loan. However, it ensures that the loan can be taken without the spouse. Further hedges should be clarified individually with the bank, as these must be canceled depending on the borrower’s terms and conditions.

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