Credit with lightning transfer – money back in stock

A loan with lightning transfer can bring many benefits. Because fast availability of money is important in many cases.

We show how the easiest way to take out the loan with lightning transfer and what conditions have to be created for it.

What is a lightning transfer?

What is a lightning transfer?

A lightning transfer is an offer of the banks and savings banks. They want to ensure a quick availability of the money from the loan. Once the loan has been approved, the money will be sent to the borrower by flash transfer. If this happens at the right time of the day, the money is in the account of the borrower within a few minutes. He can then dispose of it promptly.

For this to succeed, however, a few conditions must be created. As a borrower, one should, inter alia, ensure that the loan is not ordered with lightning transfer on the weekend. Even a lightning transfer would not work because the banks are not working. The money would not be booked.

Even the late evening or the night do not speak for a lightning transfer. In the best case, it is seen in advance, which working hours the two banks have (lenders and house bank), so that the loan can be properly clocked with lightning transfer.

Our tip:

Who takes the credit at the house bank, can assume that the money is definitely very fast in the account. Because internal transfers are known to be booked within a few seconds.

Credit with flash transfer – the search

Credit with flash transfer - the search

However, before the money can be obtained from the loan, once a loan must be found, which meets all the criteria for a lightning transfer and on top of that can be included. To make the search fast and effective, it is worth using our loan calculator.

He not only shows cheap credit offers for the desired loan amount. It also allows a look at the terms associated with the loan. Thus, it can be seen whether the selected offer is suitable as a loan with flash transfer or if the provider offers only a simple transfer. This then takes a few hours or even a few days.

It can also be seen how the loan offer develops depending on the term. A longer term reduces the monthly burden, but brings in total more interest. A shorter term increases the monthly burden, but also helps to keep costs within a tolerable range.

A little experimentation with the computer can therefore be useful to make an exact credit decision.

Are additional costs incurred?

Are additional costs incurred?

A quick processing and provision of the credit brings with it extra expense for the lending bank. Other work must be postponed so that the urgent loan can be serviced quickly. Some banks can therefore also pay for this service.

They offer loans with a lightning transfer only with a slightly higher interest rate. Even if this is still within a manageable framework, you should know that there is the same loan offer without lightning transfer perhaps also on better terms.

As a borrower you should therefore consider carefully whether a lightning transfer is really necessary or whether not the conventional credit is sufficient. Especially with large loan amounts with long maturities, these considerations should be carried out very thoroughly.

Because the additional services that may need to be applied, can quickly add up to several hundred or even a thousand euros. Good planning is therefore highly recommended.

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